I am back from Australia

after almost three months, already I didi gigs in Poland with Brian Charette and there is many…

Dutch tour

is over now, included gigs in Germany and Belgium, thank you Judith Nijland, Duncan Hopkins and…

NYC trio tour

is over now, great to play with Adam Nussbaum and Jay Anderson!

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Recent appereances

  • TODAY - 20:30, monday

    Libor's Jam Ob-Session

  • 21. 11. 2018 - 21:00, wednesday

    Judith Nijland songs of Wes

    De Twee Spiegels, Leiden

  • 22. 11. 2018 - 21:00, thursday

    Judith Nijland songs of Wes

    Miles, Amersfoort

  • 23. 11. 2018 - 22:00, friday

    Judith Nijland songs of Wes

    Afzakkerij Veghel

  • 25. 11. 2018 - 20:00, sunday

    Judith Nijland songs of Wes

    Café van Leeuwen, Amsterdam

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New video from Kennedy Centre Washingotn DC USA

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