Silver, Skici stříbrného plátna (2019)

Silver, Skici stříbrného plátna (2019)

A second solo guitar record by Libor Smoldas entitled Silver, Sketches of the Silver screen contains improvized versions of music form old Czecho-Slovakian movies.
Libor Smoldas, Silver 6, Autor Jan Pohribný, NEW



1 Slunečnice / Sláva Eman Nováček
2 Dívko v modrém / Sláva Eman Nováček
3 Oči černé / ruská lidová
4 Sám já chodívám rád / Eman Fiala
5 Jen pro ten dnešní den/ Sláva Eman Nováček
6 Chlupatý kaktus / Emil František Burian
7 Noční motýl / Johann Strauss mladší, Roman Blahník
8 Nečekej / Sláva Eman Nováček
9 Dejte si radit / Josef Stelibský
10 Oči čokoládové / Jiří Mihule
11 Děkuji, bylo to krásné / Ernest Sennhoffer, Egon Goldberg
12 Celý den si zpívám / Sláva Eman Nováček
13 Dívko v modrém (Atl. take) / Sláva Eman Nováček

Libor Šmoldas – kytary

František Krtička – vibraphone (4)
Josef Malina – violin (7)
Petr Kalfus – clarinet (11)
Libor Smoldas, Silver 4, Autor Jan Pohribný, NEW
Aleš Cibulka on this album:

I am a fan of classic Czech movies, I love all the actresses, actors and generally all the artists from that era, I love the music, but in no way does that mean that I am an old-school conservative! I believe that all the old-timey bards like R. A. Dvorský, Sláva Eman Nováček, Jaroslav Ježek, Jíří Traxler would be more than happy that their music lives on and even keeps attracting new listeners. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk about this with people like Svatopluk Beneš, Otakar Vávra and Eva Gerová – nobody in the 1930’s and 1940’s expected their films to live on for such a long time. The film was made, it had its tour through Czech and Slovak picture-houses and its life was to end right there in the darkness of the archives. Who would have thought that years later, new media would appear and the best pieces would get to be re-mastered and digitally enhanced? Boy, would they be surprised! And the same goes for the creators of the biggest musical hits. We, the old-school enthusiasts, enjoy the traditional versions, but the contemporary interpretations are that much more special to me. A good example of that are these extraordinary guitar sketches by Libor Šmoldas on the present record entitled Silver. The album is a follow-up to Blue, Šmoldas hraje Ježka (Blue, Šmoldas plays Ježek). In both cases, I enjoy the fact that sometimes you can’t tell what song is on, even after the first few notes. Libor makes his way to the main theme in a slow, modest and original way, while still maintaining the appropriate respect and admiration. And that is perhaps my favourite thing about it all. What also adds a pinch of spice to the record are duets with instruments typical for the 1st Czechoslovak Republic era, namely the violin and the clarinet. Yet another unusual flavour comes in the shape of a duet with an instrument that is seldom heard in our little corner of the world – the vibraphone. This album is certainly worth a listen, and I hope that up there in actor heaven, they have CD players, because this particular disc will bring them joy! Much like to us, here on Earth…

  • Aleš Cibulka

SILVER, sketches of the silver screen

A new solo guitar record of mine is being released on November 30th. It contains my take on songs from old czechoslovakian movies.
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