Libor Šmoldas Quartet: Live at Jazz Dock (2010)

Libor Šmoldas Quartet: Live at Jazz Dock (2010)

Twenty-eight years old guitarist and composer Libor Smoldas, established star of Czech jazz scene, makes his first live recording entitled Libor Smoldas Quartet: Live Jazz at the Dock.

As the name reveals, the recording took place in the popular Jazz Dock in Prague. At the same spot, on Sunday 5th December, the album had it's release party. It's godfather was Libor's father Ivo Smoldas, well known figure of czech cultural scene. On the same day the new version of Libor's website was launched. Offering a unique opportunity – to download the hot new Libor Šmoldas Quartet: Live at the Jazz Dock for free!

The third album has been titled by Libor as somewhat retrospective. Half of compositions are from previous albums „On the Playground“ and „In New York on Time“. The other half are five new songs (Blues in the shower, The Quest, Levitation, JT Blues and One for Kenny Burrell) never recorded before. „The idea to make a live album is something I have been carrying into my head for a long time. I thought it would be nice in addition to my previous two studio albums. I also I wanted to finally record with my recent quartet. That is: Petr Benes, piano (However, the recording Fender Rhodes), Joseph Feco, bass and Tomas Hobzek bass, drums. We were recording at Jazz Dock during three consecutive nights in late summer 2010 and we had a lot of fun. Live versions of songs are longer than the studio, less perfect, but playful and relaxed.“says Libor. And why one of the best Czech jazz guitarist decided to unconventional step by offering his album for free download? „The explanation is simple, this way we want our music to convey to the widest possible audience. CD will be available in the traditional form too. For a symbolic price of CZK 100 it will be sold solely at our concerts“ says Smoldas.

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Libor Šmodlas Quartet
Live at Jazz Dock


Libor Šmoldas
Petr Beneš (p)
Josef Fečo (b)
Tomáš Hobzel (dr)

1 Christopher’s Dan­ce 6:45
2 Blues in the Shower 10:30
3 The Quest 8:03
4 Tram Line 57 7:17
5 One for Kenny Burrell 7:33
6 Levitation 4:21
7 J.T. Blues 10:14
8 Lydian Blues 7:29
9 Funky Piece 9:40
all compositions by Smoldas

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