Organic Quartet: Never Enough (2006)

Organic Quartet: Never Enough (2006)

Animal Music

Ondřej Pivec – hammond organ, vocal
Libor Šmoldas – guitar
Jakub Doležal – tenor sax, alto sax
Tomáš Hobzek – drums
Miroslav Hloucal – trumpet
Luboš Soukup – tenor sax

1 / Never Enough / Ondřej Pivec
2 / Coming Soon / Libor Šmoldas
3 / V.P. / Jakub Doležal
4 / Turkish Coffee / Ondřej Pivec
5 / The Scamp / Ondřej Pivec
6 / Christopher's Blu es / Libor Šmoldas
7 / Lil‘ Darlin' / Neal Hefti
8 / Dont Get Any Ideas / Ondřej Pivec

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„Ondrej Pivec Organic Quartet (like our own Nick Rossi Set) is a jazz organ monster that is cut from the best-of-the-best cloth that has some things to say that haven't yet been heard.“
Hammon­dbeat, USA

„Organic quartet is able to find his way on the jazz scene and into the media world also. At this time, when in jazz clubs almost everyone plays with everyone to earn on living, the Ondřej Pivec Organic quartet belongs to a few bands that have opinion and own vision of direction. Pivec can easily change movable pianistic homophonic tirades with impressive full organ sound, has sense for dynamic structure source, and very effective staccato tirades prove that he could realy bring something new to the conventional sound of the Hammond organ.“
Dr. Lubomír Dorůžka, MF Dnes

„Again a very good album of this great young four (with two guests on two compositions) full of vitality, imagination and also briliant mix of jazz, funk and rock, represented as „an everyday jazz­.“
(Právo, 4.8.2007)

„Organic quartet has a great chance to be one of those bands, that are able to attract even younger audience, their generation in fact. The Organic quartet music is far away from the pseudo-eggheadedness that sorrounds some of the old jazzman generation (or even more the audience itself) and is able to raise you out of the chair literally.“
(MF Dnes)

„If the saying that jazz is a music of minority is true, then Ondřej Pivec and his Organic quartet with their music are definitely able to convince even those, who have all sorts of prejudices against jazz.“

Even though being considered as a new name on the Czech jazz scene, the band has already recorded several major recognitions. Organic quartet takes part of the young and extraordinary new generation of Czech jazz musicians and its potentional, qualities, unique repertory and energy just goes beyond the Czech borders.
This is also being confirmed by different international critics such as „The band of the year“ category award in the talent competition held within the 2005 Philips International Jazz Festival in Prague and participation on many different international festivals. The frontman Ondřej Pivec was also elected “Best soloist of the year” within the same competition and “Organist of the month” for October 2006 by International Archives for Jazz Organ. The most important success so far is an Academy Music Award for Jazz and Blues category 2006 (Anděl) that Ondřej Pivec Organic quartet has recieved for the debut album Don´t Get Ideas. The Organic quartet has recently performed with a great success in ORF Radiokulturhaus in Vienna, the Alchemia theatre in Cracow, on the Romanian and Moldavian tour, St. Germain club in Paris, Kunstfabrik in Berlin, Swinging hall in Sofia or Cheltenham Jazz festival in England.
Ondřej Pivec Organic quartet plays mostly original music inspired by the contemporary jazz giants, but the band is also influenced by some of the most significant icons from other musical genres such as funk, blues or rock. The Organic quartet´s music certainly respects the traditional roots but definitely carries a modern taste at the same time.
The frontman of the Organic quartet is only a 23 years old Hammond organ player, composer and singer Ondřej Pivec. The other band members are: Libor Šmoldas on guitar, Tomáš Hobzek on drums and Jakub Doležal on the saxophone. The absence of bass is obvious – this is just fully being replaced by the left hand and recently also by feet on the Hammond organ pedals by Pivec himself. Over the past three years the band has successfully performed with more than 250 shows in the Czech republic both clubs and festivals as well as abroad, and has established itself one of the favorite uprising jazz bands.
Ondřej Pivec has started his career as a classical pianist, but soon turned to jazz – he started to play the Hammond organ before he was 20 years old. He was inspired by some important organists such as Sam Yahel, Larry Goldings, Jimy Smith, Larry Young and others. He has also taken lessons from the legendary English Hammond player Mike Carr or Italian organ virtuoso Alberto Marsico and recently even Sam Yahel during Ondřej´s stay in New York.
Ondřej´s agile organ bass lines played using his left hand and his feet on the Hammond organ pedals, his decent style and virtuosity while playing the right hand solo are definitely appreciated by both local and international critics. As a leader or a sideman Ondřej Pivec has toured more than 500 concerts all over the Czech Republic and abroad, becoming one of the most remarkable musicians on the Czech jazz and fusion scene.

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