Organic Quartet: Don’t Get Ideas (2005)

Organic Quartet: Don’t Get Ideas (2005)

This album was awarded a jazz and blues recording of the year in the Czech republic in the 2006.

rganic Quartet
Don’t Get Ideas

Ondřej Pivec – hammond organ, vocal
Libor Šmoldas – guitar
Jakub Doležal – tenor sax, alto sax
Tomáš Hobzek – drums
Miroslav Hloucal – trumpet
Luboš Soukup – tenor sax

1 / Mr Littleroot‘s Green Room / Jakub Doležal
2 / Inception / McCoy Tyner
3 / Blues For Wendy / Libor Šmoldas
4 / Humble Groove / Ondřej Pivec
5 / Don’t Get Ideas / Ondřej Pivec
6 / Quietude / Ondřej Pivec
7 / Knick Knack / Libor Šmoldas
8 / Just Chillin’ / Ondřej Pivec
9 / Pantheola / Ondřej Pivec
10 / Lonely Grey / Ondřej Pivec


“This is more than just a blowing group“
 AllAboutJazz, NY

“It is authentic, it has soul, and joins the ranks with the likes of modern jazz revolutionari­es“
HammondBe­at, USA (whole review at hammondbeat)

“This is a marvellous group who I sincerely hope will find the audience abroad that it richly deserves”
Musicweb-International (whole review at muscic web international)
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