Miss Mikey May and The Organ Grinders: Stay with it (2018)

Miss Mikey May and The Organ Grinders: Stay with it (2018)

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You gotta stay with the Blues, no matter what you choose!

This is the second album for The Organ Grinders project, the first to include Miss Mikey May's original compositions, and we're very excited to share this new music with you all!

From traditional Swing to down-and-dirty Blues, with a touch of Funk and Latin, Mikey's songwriting debut explores a wider range of styles, while still keeping the core groove that's at the heart of dance music.

Sprinkled with a few tributes to classic Jazz hits and featuring surprise guests, this album promises to be an exciting listening and dancing experience!
released February 2, 2018

The Organ Grinders:

Miss Mikey May (Mikey Ariel), vocals
Jan Kořínek, Hammond B3 organ
Osian Roberts, tenor saxophone
Jan Pospíšil, tenor saxophone
Martin Juzl, trumpet
Jan Fečo, bass / alto saxophone
Libor Šmoldas, guitar
Marek Urbánek, drums

Special guests from AppenDixie:

Petr Seghmann, trombone
Petr Jambor, trumpet

Recorded and mixed at Reel Blues Studios, Černošice
Produced by Mikey Ariel and Jan Kořínek
Arranged by Jan Kořínek and Osian Roberts
Mastered by Yoram Ariel
Photos by Martina Houdek
Cover design by Mikey Ariel

Released by Messaround Records

  1. Can't Keep a Good Woman Down 03:15
  2. You Better Deliver 03:39
  3. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby 02:59
  4. Freedom 03:43
  5. Blues Garden 04:22
  6. Sermonette (Instrumental) 03:37
  7. Darktown Strutter's Ball (feat. the AppenDixie horns) 04:05
  8. Gypsies 04:37
  9. Shadows 05:38
  10. Stay With It 04:37
  11. Hot Rod (Instrumental) 03:34
  12. Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Instrumental) 05:21

A word of thanks from Mikey:

This album marks the beginning of my journey as a songwriter, and the next step in my performance journey. I am eternally grateful to my friends and loved ones who supported this part of my musical experience, encouraged my songwriting and gave me invaluable feedback, cheered and shouted at gigs, and generally loved me through the roller coaster that is music-making. I couldn't have done this without you!

Ben Gladnikoff, Liraz Shveka, Ravit Zelig, Jakub Zomer, Liat Binyamini Ariel, Yoram Ariel, Leanna Peled Rozen, Stefano Ronchi, Dan Nash, Yaron Ben-Ami, Keith Stone, Marie Gilbertova, Pavlina Grombirikova, Jiří Kotača, Chanda Rule, Barbara Joó, Máté Csike, Jenna Applegarth, Antonin Suchanek, Maja Prachenska, Matus Haluska, Stepan Jordanek, Leanne Kiddo Rivers, Plamena Koleva, Hamed Janebi

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